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Thank you for your interest in our company “Davos – Cares for the House Environment” – the official representative of the Australian UV Active Wear company Sun Emporium, a leader in their field and specialist in UV protection swimwear and leisure wear for children and adults. 


We are very proud to have served our concerned customers in Greece, since 2007, and to be now in a position to distribute all sun protection products manufactured by Sun Emporium, on an internet distribution network to EU members – Turkey – Balkan and Mediterranean regions.   Our goal is to offer you high quality sun protection products made from the best available sun protection fabrics (UPF 50+),  with exceptional customer service and caring for your personal sun protection needs.

As you peruse our site you will find sun protective clothing for babies (ages 1-3), kids (ages 4-8), and junior  (ages 10-16), including  sun shirts, sun shorts, UV sun suits and sun hats in original printed fabrics and motifs.  Also you will find sun protective clothing for adults (men and women) including stylish UV swimsuits, UV rash guards, UV sun shirts, sun hats and UV Polo shirts. 

If you have special sun protection concerns or questions about the best product for your unique sun needs please do not hesitate to e-mail us or call us.  We will be glad to share with you, our experience of protecting you, as well as ourselves, from the sun’s damaging UV rays.

Experts estimate that a significant percentage of our exposure to sun occurs by the age of 18. So it is obvious that sun protection should start in childhood to prevent skin cancer and other maladies later in life.  With your families sun safety in mind, we have clothing for babies, kids, and junior such as sun shirts, sun shorts, UV sun suits and sun hats – all with maximum UV protection and in real cool designs and colors.

You may wonder, as many people do, “why is UPF clothing so special?”   The average T-shirt blocks 50% of the UV radiation and many everyday summer weight clothes protect even less, and as soon as they get wet, even this small protection is lost.  Lightweight UPF clothing not only provides a critical barrier from the sun’s harmful rays, but also helps keeping you more comfortable even on a very hot day.        

It is never too late to start using UV protective clothing, sun protective swimwear and a sun protection hat, to protect you and your family.

It will be our great pleasure to serve you, 

Davos – Cares for the House Environment
Official Distributor

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