Ways of Shipping and Delivery

Order/Delivery of Products and Shipping Charges/Delay of Order

The company “Maria Davou” will deliver the product or products to you at the address for delivery provided by you in the customer details form in the purchase order, by way of the shipping method selected by you, at the price that corresponds with the shipping method selected by you, and within a time that is, at the discretion of the company, feasible.      Anyone at the delivery address who receives the product or products is deemed to be authorized to receive it or them, because property and risk of it or them passed to you upon delivery to the delivery address.

Completion of Order

As soon as you complete your order online you will get the following message (example): “YOUR ORDER WAS COMPLETED. THANK YOU.  Please check your email. We have sent you a confirmation message with your order’s details”. 

Delivery of Products and Shipping Charges
1.  Shipping by courier: For your fast and easy service your order will be we shipped to you by courier.

Delivery of products: If you make your order up to 15:00 Monday-Friday, the company “Maria Davou” can ship your order by courier within 24 hours, to the town of Athens, Thessaloniki, and Patra, and within 48 hours to the rest of Greece and Crete -if you live in the capital city of the area-, and within 72 hours to the islands, with depending of the availability of the products ordered.  The days of delivery are Monday –Friday from 9:00 am to 5 pm.  For the area of Athens, in case you ask for, there is possibility the delivery to be done also on Saturday.   It is understandable that this shipping time schedule can not be followed in case of extreme weather conditions, or strike, or any other kind of difficulty that will affect the above mentioned time schedule.    

When customers request the courier shipping option, shipping charges are based mainly on weight and delivery address.  Please read carefully the information below so that you can calculate theses charges with accuracy. Shipping charges are as follows:
Area of Athens

Shipping and delivery the next day in the teritories of the area  
of Athens, up to two kilos, the charges are: 2.30
Shipping and delivery the same day in the boarders of the area  
of Athens, up to two kilos, the charges are: 6.65

Express shipping and delivery, (within 2 hours) in the
boarders of the area of Athens, up to two kilos,
the charges are: 9.00
Every extra kilo is charged by 1.20

All other Greece

Shipping and delivery in any town that the courier has direct
service, and up to two kilos , charges are 3.55

Every extra kilo is charged by 1.50
Other shipping charges

According to the operating rules of the courier any other of the services listed below are charged as follows:

For difficult reached areas of Attica, the charges are 3.00

For difficult reached areas in all other Greece, charges are 6.65

For Saturday delivery, plus 3.60

For the service “payment upon delivery” plus 3.60                    

Within specific delivery time schedule, plus 3.60

Morning delivery, plus  4.25                                                                                        

Delivery after 17:00, or returns, plus 75% of the basic charges                                                           

To minimize the chipping charges choose delivery for next day, without delivery time limitation.  Also make sure that there will be someone in the delivery address to receive your order, because for every day missed due to your absence, you will be charged again with the basic shipping     charges that correspond to your delivery address.

International shipping

There is possibility for international shipping.  However because shipping charges are relevant to the country and days of delivery, please contact our customer service department, to be informed about the exact shipping charges.

2.  Pick up at our company’s warehouse.   Although our company does not have a showroom, your order can be picked up at our company’s warehouse, (address: D. Diamadithi 34, Korydallos),   saving you added shipping charges.  Just let us know you would like to pick up your order. Our customer service department will call and let you know if your order is eligible to pick up and set an appointment, since our hours are limited, for you to drop by.
3.   Pick up in selected pharmacies.  You can find and pick-up our products also in selected pharmacies.  Please contact our customer service department in 210-4940695, to be given the address of the nearest to you selected pharmacy.    

Delay of order

Your order may be delayed for the following reasons:

Items in your order are out of stock due to the fact that (a) our order to our supplier has not arrived yet, or is at the customs warehouse, and pick up procedures are not completed yet. In that case, you will be notified by us and given the option either to ship your in-stock items only, or to replace the out of stock item with an other similar one, or  to delay the shipment of your order until this item arrives in our warehouse given an approximate  shipping date.

The item ordered is not available at all.  Among the a hundred products found in our website internet shop there are rate cases that our supplier, decides without notification to stop the production of an item.  In that case, our customer service department will immediately contact you to give you all possible alternative solutions.          
In cases that courier’s shipping time schedule can not be followed due to extreme weather conditions, or strike, or any other kind of difficulty that will affect the courier’s regular time schedule.    

In case that we phase a problem with your order (either product or paying information) and we can not contact you at all (either by call or email),   because your data submitted to us are wrong or not complete.