What is UVR and SPF

UVR UltraViolet Radiation is present in the suns rays throughout the year we cannot see it or feel it. UVR is not hot so it does not affect the temperature. UVR bounces off sand, snow, water and concrete in all directions increasing the amount of radiation reaching your skin.

SPF  Sun Protection Factor is a rating given to sunscreens, skin lotions, make-up and lipsticks. This laboratory rating creates a measure of the potency of skin products. If applied correctly SPF 15 sunscreen allows the skin 15 times its natural protection. How long this will be depends on the time of day, time of year, amount of reflection, cloud cover and skin type.

UPF  Ultra-Violet Protection Factor rates sun protective clothing. It is a measure of the UVR protection provided by a fabric. The range is from 2-50+ - a garment rated UPF 20 indicates that only 1/20th of UVR striking the surface of the fabric actually passes through it. Excellent sun protection is found in garments rated from 40 to 50+.

EPF Eye Protection Factor rates sunglasses. The EPF is a rating scale 1-10 applied to sunglasses and protective eyewear. EPF 10 glasses offer the highest protection.