lycraLYCRA is the registered trademark of DuPont- for an elastic fibre invented and produced only by DuPont. The molecular structure of this elastic fibre is unique and gives LYCRA the ability to stretch, recover and resist mildew.


SUN EMPORIUM uses only DuPont LYCRA - both plain and printed - to ensure the highest level of sun protection for you and your family. All fabric is tested by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency. Our fabrics carry a certified rating of 50+ - the highest possible sun protection rating.
Each SUN EMPORIUM garment comes with a certified rating and DuPont swing tag - a quality guarantee.

Buyer beware!Only DuPont LYCRA has the highest degree of comfort, fit, freedom of movement and shape retention qualities.These hang tags enjoy unprecendented consumer awareness - adding to the value of any garment made with DuPont LYCRA. UPF 50+ Maximum sun protection


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