Sun Protection Clothes: Outdoor necessity

Over the past few years a lot has been said about the dangers created by  solar radiation, for the skin and generally for the health of a person. Sun creams, glasses with high protection indicator, and above all, spending long time periods in the shade were up to now the “relative” precautions.

Awareness by the experts, that the problem remains nevertheless serious, led them to the creation of clothes with high sun protection indicator.

These clothes are first addressed to children who not only are exposed to solar radiation for long time periods, but also do not have any conscience of the danger that threatens them. The additional problem is found in the fact that the organism of the children produces minimal melamine, which as all we know, constitutes the only one defence of the organism in the ultraviolet radiation and the multiple consequences (freckles, blots, awful wrinkles, cancer of skin, melanoma).

Sun protection clothes, are the only one clothes that offer effective protection for children, as they are manufactured with special material with the higher indicator of protection UPF (Ultra Protection Factor) 50+ which helps to block the harmful UV rays of direct sunlight  and keep them far from the sensitive children’s skin (but also yours).

We would like to stress that the particular indicator of protection is reported for both types of UV of radiation, (UV-A and UV-B). And of course since we are talking about clothes, the protection does not go away if washed, and it is not depended either on the common indicators of protection SPF, (used in sunscreens, lotions, make-up, and lipsticks), or on EPF, (used for all sun glasses).  Now, these so much precious clothes can be found also in Greece in selective drugstores. Take now the most precious “Medicine” for the health of your children. And naturally you can select from a variety of styles, colours and sizes.