Instructions of use


    * Rinse in cool water after every use
    * Hand wash with mild soap
    * Do Not machine wash
    * Do Not use chlorine as it will affect the color of the garment and rot the fibre
    * Do Not leave rolled up when wet and leave rolled up in a towel.
    * Do Not spin dry, soak, bleach, iron, dry clean, pack or store when wet.
    * Be careful to remove all traces of sunscreen from your garment in the washing process.
   * Remove all sand grains by rinsing your garment or carefully stretch dry fabric over thumbnail and sand will drop out.
    * Drip dry in shade out of direct sunlight.
    * Some fluorescent colours may fade more rapidly.
    * Avoid rough surfaces such as concrete, rough wood, swimming pool surrounds as these may damage your swimsuit.

Although we use the best fabrics available to us for swimwear, harsh chemicals present in some suncare products, pools and ESPECIALLY HEATED SPAS will destroy the elasticity and colour of your garment. We recommend you use an old swimsuit in spas and saunas.


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