Sun Protection for life

According to dermatologists, the most important factor in protecting our skin’s health is to ensure correct protection from the sun from the day of our birth and throughout our life. Sun protection for our skin is absolutely essential every day, and we should be aware for the following:


 • Babies: The babies are particularly vulnerable. The ultraviolet (UV) rays can penetrate their tender young skin causing damage to skin cells.  Babies should not be exposed freely to sunlight at all.


Small children: The small children can develop healthy habits toward the sun early in life. Parents and important people in their familiar environment can set good examples in sun safe behavior.  Always use sun protection clothes and hats for the outdoor activities.


Teenagers: Teenagers can develop melanoma. New research has proven that although awareness of skin cancer exits in this age bracket, teenagers do not take satisfactory measures in order to protect themselves. Suntanned skin is still very desirable; however they fail to understand that if skin cancer is detected early its treatment may cause deep scars; with a late detection it may cause even death.

Usually a sun burn recedes after one week, but the damage under the skin remains always – this is an important message for teenagers.


Young Adults: Young adults should develop a routine of skin checks every three months, so any change to be detected on time.  Our behavior and our awareness about the sun’s harmful rays are very important for the prevention of skin cancer.


Adults and Old people: Adults and the elderly should continue a way of life with a continuous awareness of the sun’s harmful rays.  They should go immediately to the doctor if they notice any change in their skin.


Moreover, the points mentioned below are habits particularly damaging for the skin’s health, and must be absolutely stopped:

 • We do not use sun creams because we do not get sunburn.  However sun creams do not only protect us from solar burn, but also from other more serious problems.

Sit in the sun for many hours using only a sun cream.  However we should also use other sun protection measures like wearing a hat, sun glasses, etc. and avoiding staying in the sun as long as we want.

We only use baby oil or Vaseline or a tanning product, without SPF indicator. However in this way we absolutely do not provide any protection for our skin from ageing or from the possibility of skin cancer appearing.

Under the umbrella we do not take any sun protection measures, because we feel protected. However 70% of ultraviolet radiation is reflected in the sand and will adversely affect skin even under the umbrella.

We do not use sun creams, because we already have tanned skin by using various self tan products.  However the fact that our skin is already tanned does not protect us from the sun harmful  rays.

We are getting a "base tan" at an indoor tanning salon as a good way to prevent sunburn when we go to the beach later this summer, or we are using a solarium to get a nice sun tan colour.   However solariums have the same damaging effects on our skin as the sun’s rays.

We stay in the sun without taking any sun protection measures, while we follow pharmaceutical treatment. Medicines that contain the following ingredients tetracycline, retinol, are used for acne, diuretics,  psychotropic substances, steroids,  anti-inflammatory treatments, local antihistamines, and others can cause photosensitivity. Hence, we should consult with a doctor, to determine if we can stay in the sun.